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Cultural management & booking

One of the leading activity of Abozamé is the management and the booking of the international Afro Groove band Afrikän Protoköl. Created in 2013 and based in Belgium and Burkina Faso, don't wait to discover this warm and dynamic band! www.afrikanprotokol.be

Abozamé asbl | Activities | Management
Abozamé asbl | Activities | Afrikän Protoköl
Abozamé asbl | Activities | Afrikän Protoköl
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Afrikän Protoköl is the Afro Groove Sextet of Belgian saxophonist Guillaume Van Parys. Following his meeting with the Burkinabè drummer Moïse Ouattara, he has composed a music based on traditional rhythms from Burkina Faso and West Africa. Jazzy riffs, groove and improvisations merge together into a warm and festive transcontinental fusion. Established in Burkina Faso in 2013, the band was on tour in Europe and Africa in 2014 and 2015 to release its first album called Freedom From The Known. The public, the media and professionals alike have warmly received the project. It has been rewarded with the SIMA 2014 Jury Award at the Salon International de la Musique Africaine in Dakar in November 2014 and was nominated for the Octaves de la Musique 2015 in Belgium. The band released its second album Beyond The Grid in 2017, which was again warmly received. In 2018 the band released its first video clip based on the song Kélé Magni. It was nominated again for the Octaves de la Musique 2018 and won the first price of the Sabam Awards 2018 in the World Music category.


Although we could hear in the compositions clear influences from Afro Beat master Fela Kuti, Steve Coleman, Manu Dibango and Aka Moon, a very original identity has come out of this mix of emerging European and African jazz musicians. With a rhythmic section from Burkina Faso and horns from Belgium, Afrikän Protoköl proposes a colourful and dynamic show; an original music with universal appeal.


With this highly positive energy, this project is trying to respond to an urgent need in today's global context of self-withdrawal, fear and the growth of extremism and nationalism. The need to stand up for difference, open-mindedness, diversity and people’s free circulation, against patriarchal and neo-liberal  logics which bring with them all manner of domination: the individualism over the collective, capital over labour, the material over the spiritual, religion over spirituality, man over the environment, external male principle over internal female principle, Having over Being.



Guillaume Van Parys - Alto & Baritone Saxophones, Compositions

Moïse Ouattara - Drums

Frédéric Becker - Soprano & Baritone Saxophones

Achille Ouattara - Bass

Zouratie Kone - Percussions & Vocals

Brice Clausse - Tenor Saxophone


Records production

Abozamé produces records brought together in Abozame Records. It has released three discs so far, featuring the Afro Groove band Afrikän Protoköl. These records are available on demand.

Buy them now here!


Abozamé asbl | Afrikän Protoköl | Call For Transformation | Abozamé Records
Abozamé asbl | Afrikän Protoköl | Freedom From The Known | Abozamé Records
Abozamé asbl | Afrikän Protoköl | Beyond The Grid | Abozamé Records


Call For Transformation


Abozamé Records 001

Produced by Abozamé

Released on September 2013

EP 4 songs


Freedom From The Known


Abozamé Records 002

Produced by Abozamé

Released on May 2014

Album 10 songs

+ Booklet 24 pages


Beyond The Grid


Abozamé Records 003

Produced by Abozamé

Released on May 2017

Album 8 songs

+ Booklet 20 pages


Abozamé asbl | Activities | Abozamé Records

Film music composition


Abozamé produces orginal music for films and videos.

Abozamé Composition

- More info soon! -


Lessons, sessions & creative workshops

Abozamé organises lessons, sessions and creative workshops at certain periods of the year with different musicians and trainers.



          Contact us for lessons booking or any information!



Abozamé asbl | Activities | Workshops
Abozamé asbl | Activities | Workshops
AboCours de Saxophone Wavreamé

Saxophones --------------------------------------------------with Guillaume Van Parys (Belgique) FR-EN-ES




Workshop-Meeting on Saturday February 13th 2021

from 2pm to 5pm

Info & inscription : isabel@chezzelle.be 010/45.54.35 www.chezzelle.be

A co-production Abozamé asbl - MJ Chezzelle

(French presentation)

L’objectif du projet est de construire ensemble un court-métrage d’environs 20 minutes entre
fiction, documentaire et clip musical, filmé sur le site de Louvain-la-Neuve, et en collaboration
avec l’artiste Guillaume Van Parys.


Tu es né·e dans les années 90 ou 2000, tu es intéressé·e par le cinéma, le théâtre, la musique ou la danse, tu as envie de t’exprimer sur le thème, tu as envie d’en apprendre davantage sur les étapes de création d’une oeuvre audiovisuelle, tu es motivé·e à participer activement au projet, alors rejoins-nous vite !

Depuis presque un an maintenant, on parle un peu partout du « monde d’après ». Un monde différent qui pourrait répondre efficacement aux multiples crises que nous connaissons aujourd’hui: climatique, sanitaire, économique, sociale, démocratique, numérique, etc.

L’année 2020 marque assurément un avant et un après dans notre société mais qu’en est-il
exactement de ces changements souhaités ? Sont-ils à la hauteur des enjeux ? Sommes-nous prêts à les mettre en œuvre ? Et toi, comment imagines-tu ce monde d’après ? Quels changements souhaiterais-tu voir aujourd’hui ? Comment rêves-tu le futur ?

Affiche SP_02d (ld).jpg

(French presentation)

Un nouvel Atelier s’ouvre à la MJ Chezzelle : l’Atelier « Soundpainting ». Kézako ? Le Soundpainting est un langage gestuel de création artistique pluridisciplinaire en temps réel. Il permet à un.e chef.fe d’orchestre, appelé.e « Soundpainter », de créer une performance improvisée dans l’instant avec tout type d’artistes performers (musicien.nes, danseurs.euses, acteurs.trices, etc.), ayant également appris les signes du langage. Ces signes désignent différents types de matériaux artistiques spécifiques aux exécutants. Le Soundpainter donne ainsi forme à la composition en interaction avec les improvisations proposées par les exécutants. Venez pratiquer votre art d’une manière originale, collective et ludique avec l’animateur Guillaume Van Parys ! Bienvenue aux musicien.nes, acteur.trices, danseur.euses de tout âge, tout niveau et tout horizon !


Every Tuesdays  from  8.30 to 10pm (from Octobre, 22 2019)

Next session on March 21, 2020 from 2 to 8 pm - CANCELLED!

Info & inscription : isabel@chezzelle.be 010/45.54.35 www.chezzelle.be

Price : free price

An Abozamé organisation with the collaboration of MJ Chezzelle.



AKDT 2017 : AFRO GROOVE! (from July 17 to 23, 2017)

     >> Within the context of Académine Internationale d'été de Wallonie (www.akdt.be)

AKDT 2015 : AFRO JAZZ FEVER  (from July 12 to 19, 2015)

     >> Within the context of Académine Internationale d'été de Wallonie (www.akdt.be)

AKDT 2014 : AFRO JAZZ COMBO  (from July 13 to 20, 2014)

     >> Within the context of Académine Internationale d'été de Wallonie (www.akdt.be)

Have a look at the ambience during one of our workshops (AKDT 2014) in video!

     >> Workshop on Rhythms from West Africa :-)



Cultural project advising

Abozamé offers one-to-one sessions to help you with your project with artist and coach Guillaume Van Parys.


We believe each human being has a power of creation. Yeah!


So if you have a project (artistic or not) in which you believe, but you experiment one or more of the following challenges :










                   Let's talk about it!


Because we want your dreams come true, and don't want you to stay resourceless, we offer you help and coaching in various aspects of your projects, in a Do-It-Yourself and realistic approach :











            Contact us for personalized advising!




Some recent missions in web-designing and communication which could inspire you : 









Our Code of Ethics : we only support projects that fall at the minimum within the scope of the "internal logic" described in our Mind Mapping For Another Humanity.

Abozamé asbl | Activities | Coaching
Abozamé asbl | Activities | Coaching
  • You don't know how to start

  • You are struggling with organisational or implementation aspects

  • You need feedback or wise advices

  • You feel you lack appropriate tools to work


  • Management and booking

  • Promotion, communication and public relation

  • Web designing and graphism

  • Fund raising


Abozamé asbl | Activities | Coaching
Abozamé asbl | Activities | Coaching

Discursive and creative gatherings

Abozamé asbl | Activities | Talks

Abozamé organises some talks called « discursive and creative gatherings »



With the wish to question the values through which we all live today, Abozamé organises some talks called « discursive and creative gatherings » from the summer 2017

These getherings are meant to get together people interested in talking about values and philosophical, psychological, relational, energetic, spiritual etc. topics, in an open and creative spirit.

These talks are designed to deepen the knowledge of our self in relationship and dialogue with other human beings. They are not inspired by any religion, and are not designed as psychological or therapeutic support group.

Past talks :

Abozamé asbl | Activities | Causerie #1

27/06/2017 - 20h30

"Quelles voies vers une vie intégrale?" (in Fench)

Venue : Terre-Rêve 1762 B Chaussée de Wavre - 1160 Auderghem

Free entrance

Abozamé asbl | Activities | Talks

              Contact us for more information!